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Shaker Village Observing Tonight
Date: Aug. 27, 2016

Due to popular demand, there will be an impromptu observing session at Shaker Village tonight (August 27th). Sunset is about 8:15. The observing site is the amphitheater. Come see the Jupiter / Venus conjunction!

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August 2016 Raven Run Observing Cancelled
Date: Aug. 6, 2016

Due to the weather and observing conditions, observing at Raven run tonight has been cancelled.

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Shaker Village July 2016 Observing Log
Date: July 10, 2016

Last night (7/9/2016) the Bluegrass Astronomy Club had a successful outing at Shaker Village. We had 5 telescopes setup, and around 30 members of the public showed.

We viewed the moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mars, several globular clusters such as M13 (the "Great Globular Cluster in Hercules"), planetary nebular, reflection & emission nebula, and even a few galaxies! We certainly saw a lot more than we originally expected due to the marginal observing conditions.

Thanks goes to everyone who participated!

Below are some thumbnails of pictures taken at the event. Please click on them to view the full size image.

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Shaker Village Observing Tonight is a Go! - July 2016
Date: July 9, 2016

We are going to give it a try tonight! Conditions may not be ideal but maybe there will be some openings in the sky that will make it worth while.

Lawrence Brewer,

Vice President

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July 2016 Raven Run Observing Cancelled
Date: July 2, 2016

July 2016 Raven Run Observing has been cancelled due to the weather.

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